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Star Wars:


Certain Dark Things 'verse
Mara, Luke, Shira Brie, Vader, Palpatine (some Luke/Mara) | AU - OT | Multi-part
The story of a Hand, her partner, and Vader’s son.
Note: Story arc consisting of a prologue ficlet and a short story.

     That Secret (That You Knew)
     Luke, Mara, Vader | AU - OT | Ficlet
     Three lies Luke has told, and the truth.

     Certain Dark Things - coming soon
     Mara, Luke, Shira Brie, Vader, others | AU - OT | Short story
     A death, a curse, and the consequences.


Bringing Up Baby
Luke/Mara | Canon - NR | Poem
Mara goads Luke into revealing his thoughts about parenthood.

The Simplification of Conflict
Luke, Mara | Canon - NR | Poem
"Conflict simplifies things: the woman / misguided, the man resolute."

Mara | Canon - NR | Poem
"Sometimes I dream my heart is made of stone."

One Dance
Luke/Mara | Canon - NR | Poem
One step brings Mara from a solo to a duet.

Mara | Canon - NJO | Poem
There are different degrees of homelessness.

Eternal Requiem
Obi-Wan | Canon - intertrilogy | Poem
“His memories will fade 'til none but the stars will sing the eternal requiem for the lost.”

Loss for Words
Obi-Wan/Siri | Canon - PT | Poem
Sometimes, even Obi-Wan finds himself at a loss for words.

Complex Touch
Tahiri, Anakin Solo, Riina | Canon - NJO | Poem
Tahiri tries to explain about Riina.

Within a Room Somewhere (alternate link)
Anakin, Vader | Canon - PT | Poem
Anakin rebuilds himself into a monster.


Flirting With Danger
Kyp, Jag, Jaina, Jacen, Wynssa Fel, OCs | Crackfic | Chaptered
(coauthored with NarundiJedi, obaona, Lt_Jaina_Solo, and Saber-of-Light. Also, the planning thread)
A drunken Kyp Durron must team up with Jag Fel to rescue Jaina Solo. And hopefully, they won't kill each other in the process.

Kyp, OCs, Kyle Katarn | Canon - NJO | Chaptered
(coauthored with Alion_Sangre)
Kyp Durron falls in and out of love with an Adumari girl while attempting to stop an evil Vong plot on Sluis Van. (Heavily reliant on Jane Austen's Emma.)

Twelfth Night
Jacen, Tenel Ka, Jag, Jaina, Wes Janson | Crackfic | Chaptered, in play form
What do you get when you mix lost twins, mistaken identities, drunk pilots, stiff rulers, and Kyp Durron? A rather convoluted romantic comedy, based on Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.


More Than His Master:
Obi-Wan, Anakin | Canon - PT | Vignette series
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker: master and apprentice; teacher and pupil; brothers in arms; and perhaps even something akin to father and son. Seven vignettes, most set in-between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.
The Education of Anakin Skywalker
Simple Words (alternate link)
Ordinary Day
I Hate Nerf

First Steps:
Luke, Mara | Canon - NR | Vignette series
Mara & Luke take the first steps towards an actual friendship.
On Distant Shores
The Point of No Return

Kyp, OC | Canon - NJO | Vignette series
An NRI agent keeps running into her least favorite person.
Sithy Woman
Lying Eyes


Involved with Past and Future
Lorana Jinzler | AU - PT | Ficlet
One path Lorana Jinzler didn't take.

Dance, Future Tense, & Reality
Mara, Luke | Canon - NR | Ficlet
Three Mara ficlets, before, during, and after the Thrawn trilogy.

Dead Like Me
Kyp, Jacen | Canon - NJO | Vignette
(originally posted under the name "oboana")
Kyp finds himself stuck in his worst nightmare: being trapped in the afterlife with Jacen Solo.

The Things We Do For Love (alternate link)
R2-D2, Luke, Mara | Canon - NR | Vignette
R2-D2 finds out the extent to which he’s willing to go for love.

OCs | Canon - NJO | Vignette
Reflections from a woman at the edge of hope. A refugee’s tale.

Ugly Day
Luke/Mara, Valin Horn | Canon - NR | Vignette
Mara tries to surprise Luke on his birthday.

Acquainted with the Night (alternate link)
Luke/Mara | AU - NJO | Vignette
Mara struggles over an event from her past.

Jaina, Kyp | AU - NJO | Vignette
Sometimes the ones we hurt the most are the ones we love the best.

Prévoyance - "Foresight"
Anakin/Padmé | Canon - PT | Vignette
(in French)
Reflections on Anakin and Padmé's relationship.

The Bride Wore Black
Luke/Mara | AU | One-shot
Several days before Mara’s wedding to Luke, a tragedy occurs.

A Dream Within a Dream (alternate link)
Callista, Luke/Mara | AU - NR | Vignette
Two figures from Callista's past briefly reenter her life , and she ponders the paths that her life has taken.

And All I Loved, I Loved Alone (alternate link)
Callista, Luke/Mara | AU - NJO | Vignette
Callista encounters a specter from her past, and chooses to pass back into obscurity.

Remembrance Never Dies (alternate link)
Dead Gaeriel, Malinza Thanas | Canon - NR | Vignette
After her death, Gaeriel tries to visit her daughter one last time.

Padmé | AU - PT | Vignette
A moment in one of Padmé's last days.

L'Amour - "Love"
Anakin/Padmé | Canon - PT | Vignette
(in French)
Anakin reflects on Padmé and love.

Melody of You
Tahiri, Anakin Solo | Canon - NJO | Vignette
Tahiri comes to the realization that Anakin will always be with her.

Qui-Gon | Crackfic | Vignette
Following Tahl’s death in the Jedi Apprentice books, Qui-Gon writes a letter of complaint to LFL.

Wishful Thinking
Han/Leia | Crackfic | Vignette
Leia makes Han politically correct in true fangirl style.

Jaina | Canon - NJO | Songfic
It's a songfic. I'm truly sorry.

Violence is Not a Virtue
OCs | Crackfic | Vignette
Has the perator of Halbegardia finally met her match in a dirty carpenter?


Harry Potter:

The Woman in Sunshine
Remus | Marauders era | Vignette
"He runs home hours later, pale skin burned and freckled, and all his stories revolve around that mysterious figure, the woman in sunshine."

Whatever's Left
Tonks, Sirius | OotP | Drabbles
Assorted drabbles about Tonks and Sirius.

Flirting for the Socially Inept (alternate link)
Remus, Tonks | post-OotP | Chaptered
Tonks embarks on a mission to cheer Remus up...but is that what she really wants?

You'll Never Walk Alone
Remus, Lily | Marauders era | Vignette
Remus receives a rather different birthday gift from his friends.



a fragile word
The Princess and the Pea | After the wedding | Comment!fic
the princess and the pea, after the wedding is when she begins to really crumble.


Bella, Edward, Jacob | AU | One-shot
'Once, I wanted nothing more than to stay with him for all eternity. But a lifetime is more than enough for me.'

Lymond Chronicles / The Perilous Gard:

Imagined Corners
OCs | WWII-era futurefic | Abandoned one-shot
"...after a while nobody would believe it was ever anything more than a tale." A futurefic one-shot, tying together two families of Elizabethan origin.

LOTR Fanfic:

Éowyn | LOTR | Drabbles
A collection of 11 Éowyn drabbles, detailing little moments in her life from Théoden's sickness up to her wedding.

Éowyn | LOTR | Poem
Éowyn finds that not all dreams last forever.

Twilight and Shadow
Éowyn, Faramir | LOTR | Poem
What is there to think of as you wait for the stroke of doom?

Sun and Moon
Faramir/Éowyn | LOTR AU | Chaptered
After so many things have gone wrong, can Faramir and Éowyn finally get one thing right?

Lament for Two
Húrin/Morwen | Silmarillion | Vignette
Húrin finds that nothing was left uncursed.


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It is always remarkable when someone sees your soul to a better degree than you see it yourself. You could count the people who see your soul on one hand. Others might know you but they would forget; their knowledge of you was like a weak and undisciplined thing. But that wasn’t so with him. He didn’t forget. It stuck in his mind. He had seen a kindred soul. He had seen it long ago. She only saw it now. But she was stricken with it. Suddenly she had identified him. There was the man she loved. As a result, she proceeded dementedly to behave as if the opposite were true.

–Nancy Lemann, The Fiery Pantheon

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