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Title: White
Timeframe: pre-TTT to post-ROTK
Characters: Éowyn, Wormtongue, Éomer, Théoden, Aragorn, Faramir
Genre: drabbles, drama, romance
Keywords: some Aragorn/Éowyn, mostly Éowyn/Faramir
Rating: PG
Summary: A collection of Éowyn drabbles, detailing little moments in her life from Théoden’s sickness up to her wedding.

AN: Lack of sleep + listening to Tori Amos CDs = 11 Éowyn drabbles. Very rough, very odd, and slightly revolving around the reasoning behind her infamous white dress. Would anyone (or a few anyones) be willing to make suggestions/corrections? ‘Twould be much appreciated – especially because I wasn’t really focusing on making everything in Éowyn’s voice with Tolkien’s archaic language.

She sat behind the throne )


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It is always remarkable when someone sees your soul to a better degree than you see it yourself. You could count the people who see your soul on one hand. Others might know you but they would forget; their knowledge of you was like a weak and undisciplined thing. But that wasn’t so with him. He didn’t forget. It stuck in his mind. He had seen a kindred soul. He had seen it long ago. She only saw it now. But she was stricken with it. Suddenly she had identified him. There was the man she loved. As a result, she proceeded dementedly to behave as if the opposite were true.

–Nancy Lemann, The Fiery Pantheon

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